If need additional internal resources to meet the demands of IT security at your organization, a partner in information security can help to fill in the gaps.

Information security is an incredibly complex area. The threat landscape is growing quickly. New technologies for attack and exploit emerge daily.

It’s no longer enough to protect the network. Effective IT security must involve layers of security to protect data, endpoints, and web applications. Building a successful security program requires talented professionals who can develop a cyber security strategy and sort through all the options to choose the right mix of services, technology and solutions specific to you and your industry.

Small companies that outsource IT services are responsible if there is a security breach. Are you getting what you are paying for from your current IT vendor? Do you have too many or too few layers of protection? Do you know your actual dollar security risk. All of these questions are ones that we help you solve utilizing your current IT consulting company.  We work with you and your providers to insure adequate security coverage.