Destiny 2 PC Review

Welcome to the Dark MMO Light Future

My Background as a MMO Role Player and Destiny 1 player

There is something most people don’t know about me as a gamer. In most MMO’s I belong to a niche group of players know as Role Players. A role player creates a character in an MMO and in game even in chat behave like the character. They dress their character in a particular style, have background stories, and use emotes to express their character. Colors of clothes, hair, gear, all matter to the role player. There are dedicated role play clans, I’ve been a member of a few. I also played Destiny 1 on the PS4, I was a solo player in it though. Tis review will be comparing Destiny 2 to other MMOs to highlight points I want to make.

What is MMO Light?

It is a striped down version of an MMO. Light on story. Open world. Fetch Quest. Grind for loot. Etc. Pretty much what the AAA is making now. A single player game can be MMO light. Like the new Shadow of War. That is MMO Light. If Destiny 2 is MMO light, then why am I comparing it to actual MMOs? One is to inform you the reader as to what as in an actual MMO. Two is to make you aware of how much more could be in Destiny 2 but it isn’t.

Story – Runtime 6 to 8 hours [I Think]

The story is actually in the game. I’ve play Destiny 1 with three characters and I can’t tell you what the story of the game was. Why? Because to get the story you had to go to website and look at grimoire cards to find out the lore. I’ve played games that don’t say much about their story. Dark Souls comes to mind. However, the level designs, the character dialogue, the armor and weapon lore text, all come together to create an amazing deep story. The thing is that is all in game. Destiny 1 nope. Destiny 2 story is simple and predictable. I’ve read comment about how your character not speaking is a lost opportunity. I disagree. With the story they told and the way they told it, there were only a few parts where the characther you play as could have spoken. Casting for a spoken part is tricky business. Do you cast one voice for male and one for female like mass effect. Or do you cast multiple for both like Saints Row 3? I’d go the multiple voice route. It’d cost more but it would allow the player to find a voice they feel works for their character. Does what you do in the game really matter? Eh…. Not really. You win in the end and are thanked and there are hints of what is to come in the DLC. It takes 6 to 8 hours to play through the story mission. Overall, I thought the story was okay.

A Limited Character Creation

A character creator is a promise from the developer to the player. The one is Destiny 2 is the same exact one as Destiny 1. How is that one? Very limited. As a result a high potential of look a likes in the social area. How does one make their character look unique then? With what your character wears and the color of it. By the way the colors are one time use, which is terrible.  I wish there an advanced character customization even if it were just for the head but there isn’t.

Classes and Abilities

There are three classes, sub classes, and  main abilities. There are sub abilities that alter the three main ones. There is one super ability tied to the class. Are you wondering why there are are three main abilities? A console controller is the only reason I can see. In MMOs you can have 8 or more abilities with rows of buttons. Destiny 1 and 2, nope simple.


Bungie do know how to make shooters. Destiny 2 as shooting mechanics are solid.

Leveling/The Grind for power and better gear

Getting to level 20 only takes six to eight hours of playing the main story missions. It could be possible to to get there quicker by doing public events. The big problem is the soft cap. The soft cap power level is 265. This is where the real grind starts. There are three weapon missions you can do but I advise you bid your time and do weekly challenges. Doing weekly challenges gets you a powerful engram. There a five weekly challenges you can do. One of those beign the Raid and the other the Nightfall. I really don’t ever want to do another nightfall and I’m apprehensive about playing the Raid. The powerful engram is gear or weapons greater than what you have equipped. At the time of writing this review I’ve gotten one of my characters to power level 300.  The other will reach 300 sometime this weekend.  I think it took roughly 40 to 50 hours including playing the story.




Destiny 2 desperately needs at least daily challenge to get one powerful engram. For comparison sake in Division, you have three dailies. All three are pve story missions. In the Division you can replay all of the stories missions at a higher difficulty and you’ll get gear and a currency you can use to get better gear. Playing one of these daily heroics will get you the best gear or rewards. To be fair The Division has been out for almost two years. The developers for the Division have been responsive to the players on continuing to make the game better. The Division isn’t perfect but right now if you a person looking for a shooter with MMO elements that rewards you for playing it daily, I’d recommend The Division over Destiny 2 at this moment.

Nightfall and The Raid

Nightfall with a timer is terrible. Nightfall adds modifiers to strikes and you get really good loot from completely it. You work with two other players. I loved playing Nightfall in Destiny 1. Destiny 2 added a timer…. making it a race. I’m fortunate to be in a clan of calm and relaxed gamers. Nightfall as it is requires it. You’ll need to be able to play it with people that have patience.

The Raid…. It should be called the gauntlet/circus from what I have seen of it. I have not yet played the Raid in Destiny 2. When I do I will update this part to give my impressions of it.

PC Performance

It still has minor issues. Here are a few issues I’ve encountered: Unable to participate in a public event cause there are no enemies to be seen, stall and freeze, and the infamous black screen of doom [I call it this.] But beside that it performs alright on pc and it is the best experience for it.

There are Updates coming

I need to add a caveat that Bungie looks like it may be address some of the issues I with the game in updates coming to the game. You can read about those updates here:

Destiny 2 is a Preview of Sorts – Opionion

Destiny 2 is what I call an MMO Light Game. It is also a by the numbers product. By the numbers means to made in a way that checks off a lot of boxes but it really doesn’t do anything new. In the video game industry the movement towards by the number/mmo light games/games as a service seems like a guarantee.


Destiny 2 as is comes out at okay. However if you compare the loot and actives you can do in The Division to Destiny 2, Destiny 2 comes out as the weaker of the two right now. There is potential for Bungie to address this in future updates.  If those updates do address my issues I will add to this article. I will also add to this article when the DLC for Destiny 2 comes out.

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The Curse of Osiris DLC Review

Story – 2 to 3 Hours

This DLC is not worth the price a player pays. The story is weak and insanely short. The new world could have been awesome but it is boring.

Legendary Masterwork Weapons and Eververse

Masterwork Weapons sounded like a really cool idea. What it ended up being is much worse. Legendary Engrams don’t drop often. The only way to upgrade your Legendary Weapon to Legendary Masterwork is to break down a Legendary Masterwork to get Masterwork cores and you only get a few of those. You need 10 to make it into masterwork. So you the player are going to have to grind for hours and hours hoping you get a Legendary Engram that gives you a Legendary Masterwork that you can break down to get cores to upgrade the gear you want. That makes a player feel like the time they are investing into the game is not respected or rewarded properly.

Eververse AKA PAYMONEY STORE is evil. Legit flat out evil. After Curse of Osiris the loot pool of gear you can get from a bright engram is greater than the normal loot pool gear. That is very wrong and continues to show the players time is not respect and all they want is the players money.


Original I said Destiny 2 was okay. Right now I would say Destiny 2 is in don’t buy or play it ever. It doesn’t respect the player. It only wants your money. I will do an update to this review when the next dlc comes out but I’m not playing the game until then.