How I Plan for a New PC Build

Wanting is nice but I’ll stick with what I need.

It is an exciting time for PC building. Threadripper and Ryzen from AMD have thrown the gauntlet at Intel. I was already in the planning phase for a new PC build to do in the future. While I do video editing and photography as a hobby, one would think I would be planning on going with a Threadripper build. However, that isn’t the case. Instead a Ryzen 1700 will work just fine for what I need. Also I won’t be doing this build for another two years so some parts will likely change. The point is this article is to give an idea as to how I plan out a build.

Where I start – How much power will I need?

I know it may seem strange but the first part I plan my build around is the power supply. SeaSonic has always been my go to for that. The question is how much power do I think I will need. Well I don’t plan to crossfire ever but I may use the other PCI-E lane for something else. Just to be safe for this build I’ll go with the SeaSonic – PRIME Gold 1000 Watt. They have a 12 year warranty on their PSUs and this PSU has been give solid reviews from reviewers that I trust.

What do I put it in – Case Selection

I know I will likely use an ATX motherboard, which allows me to narrow down the case I want to use. I’ll be blunt here after building in a Phanteks case for my last build I’m only planning on ever using that brand due to how easy it was to put everything together in their cases.  For this build I will go with Phanteks – Enthoo Pro M. Gives me plenty of room to do water cooling and room to put more fans in it.

Data – All of it

I will always need a lot a space. Fortunately my 8 TB external Hard Drive takes care of my video content I handle. For this build I will just go with 2 Crucial – MX300 1.1TB Solid State Drives and 2 Toshiba – X300 4TB Hard Drives. I’ve used Crucial and have found hey are reliable. Toshiba Hard Drives have been used a couple of builds I’ve done and have never had an issue.

The CPU and Motherboard

For the CPU going with AMD Ryzen 7 1700. Why not the higher models? Cause Overclocking is a thing. For what I’ll be doing it’s fine. Plus the money I save can be put toward a new gpu. For the Motherboard ASRock – Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4 ATX. Why ASRock? ASRock has come a long way from it’s early days. Why this one? It has an LED indicator that I can use for troubleshooting if I have to.

RAM and Cooling

All RAM is not guaranteed to work with the motherboard you want. The question is how do you find out what RAM does work? Well fortunately Crucial has a handy tool I can use to find RAM they make that is works on the board I’m plan to get. I’ve been using Crucial RAM for 10 years. The RAM I’ll get will be Crucial  Ballistix Tactical 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory. Why 32 and Not 64? Cost of RAM. 32 is fine for what’ll be doing. What about cooling the CPU? Well I want to overclock, so I’ll go with an All In One cooling solution. For this build I would use the ARCTIC – Liquid Freezer 360 Liquid CPU Cooler. Why? ARTIC makes really great liquid coolers for a reasonable price and his one is aimed at being cool and quiet.

What about the rest?

For the GPU I would use whatever would be the current GPU in my current PC. The GPU will change in two years but I have no idea what I will get.  I already have monitors, a keyboard, Windows 10 Pro, and mouse. Why would I not use them for this build. If a part or accessory is still usable, keep using it.

This is a Framework to Save for

This build won’t happen for years. Technology for PC will change. In fact I already know of one thing is suppose to happen this year. PCI-Express 4. Wait it is 2017 why haven’t we seen this on a motherboard?  Well we are supposedly going to see some with the 8th Generation of Intel Processors. There is going to be announcement for those processors August 21 2017. We will see weather those will motherboards will have PCI-Express 4 or not soon enough. Though I won’t buy these parts now this part list gives me a framework to save for. When it comes time to build, I’ll get what is the current best part to do the work I need to.

When will this build happen?

The follow is the current specs of my current PC

CPU: Intel – Core i7-6700K Overclocked to 4.2GHz
CPU Cooler: ARCTIC – Liquid Freezer 120
Motherboard: ASRock – Z170 Extreme7+
Memory: Crucial – Ballistix Sport LT 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory
Storage: Samsung – 850 EVO 500GB
Storage: Samsung – 850 EVO 500GB
Storage: Toshiba – 3TB 7200RPM
Storage: Toshiba – 3TB 7200RPM
Video Card: MSI – Radeon RX 480 8GB GAMING X
Case: Phanteks – ECLIPSE P400S
Power Supply: SeaSonic – Platinum 1000W
Operating System: Microsoft – Windows 10 Pro
Case Fan: EK – Furious Vardar FF5-120
Case Fan: EK – Furious Vardar FF5-120

As you can see I have a solid system already. The PC will be one year old in October. The question is when will I replace it? Not for 4 more years. The only part that will change on the PC in that time will be the video card. The video card I will replace in two years. However I can still plan for the next build updating what parts will be used along the way.


I know planning for a PC build far in advance like I am is a bit extreme. The parts will change as the years go by but it gives me an idea as to what to save for and keep up with is coming out.

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